RSign – Elektroniczny Podpis

    RSign:  All-in-one solution for e-contracts and digital document workflows.

Sign contracts and agreements electronically anytime and anywhere

With RSign, you can optimise, automate and manage contract processes and workflows so that the entire workflow – from the first draft to the legally binding electronic signature – is digitally controlled. Your vision of a paperless office is within reach!

Chrome or Safari? Smartphone or laptop? RSign can be used with any browser and any end device. This means you have access to your documents anytime and anywhere and enjoy the greatest possible flexibility and independence in your contract processes and workflows.

RSign highlights at a glance

  • Send for eSign: Sign e-contracts regardless of time and location, document creation with drag & drop, multi-party signatures in individual order.
  • Guided Sing-off: Guided signature process, step-by-step instructions, no more incomplete documents.
  • Dashboard: Reporting and tracking, real-time access to document status and statistics, comprehensive settings and individual configurations
  • Templates & Dynamic rules: Automated workflows, document templates, individual user roles, follow-up reminders, etc.
  • API & Automation: Full integration into IT infrastructure, complete automation of all functions and elements of your documents.

Individual configuration according to your needs

RSign can be customised according to your needs and requirements and offers you the highest flexibility in designing your workflows around e-contracts and digital signatures. Thanks to extensive settings in the dashboard, you can individually define and manage accounts, users, licences, authorisations, workflows and much more.

Create, manage and electronically sign digital documents anywhere and anytime

Enjoy maximum flexibility and independence in your workflows and processes. Wherever you are, whether at your workplace, in the home office or on the train, whether with a smartphone, a tablet, laptop or on a PC: With the mobile web interface of RSign you create and sign contracts and other documents anytime and anywhere – legally binding, tamper-proof and digital.

Intuitively and quickly create digital documents via drag & drop for electronic signature

Forget complicated form editors. With RSign, you can create digital contracts for signature in no time, with just a few clicks. Simply upload your Word, Excel or PDF file to RSign. Simply drag and drop the desired fields (company, name, date, signature, option fields, checkboxes, etc.) to the desired location.

Guided and user-friendly signature process

RSign makes it easy to sign documents and contracts electronically. The signatory is guided step-by-step through the document via a checklist until it is completely filled out and legally signed. To sign your documents, the signatory does not need to open an account or install any additional software.

Digitise and automate your documents, processes and workflows

Create predefined workflows for frequently used documents and contracts: Create document templates, add input fields, assign roles, define rules (so-called rules, e.g. for automated reminders), add conditions and cover letters etc. – Done! Ideally suited for CRM systems with dynamic document output.

API integration into existing business processes

RSign can be effortlessly integrated into existing business processes and your IT infrastructure (ERP, CRM or CMS systems). Every function and element of your documents can be fully automated with RSign’s APIs, giving you an all-in-one solution for your very individual workflow needs.

Everything under control thanks to tracking and reporting function

In the integrated dashboard you have real-time access to all statistics and an insight into the documents during the entire signing process. You can check at any time who has already digitally signed your contracts and who has not. This allows you to react to delays at an early stage and make your workflows more efficient. Thanks to the automated follow-up reminder, you always keep an overview of your pending matters, even in the stressful working day.

Compliance with international data protection and eSign laws

RSign uses state-of-the-art technologies to protect high confidential and personal data. In addition to complying with data protection laws such as DSGVO, NDSG, HIPAA and UETA, RSign is also designed according to specifications of the eIDAS regulation. Send your documents and contracts password-protected and E2E-encrypted (256bit AES encryption). At the same time, you receive a verifiable and auditable proof of compliance.

Be faster than your competitors thanks to automated document workflows and save valuable time by digitising your workflows and having contracts and agreements signed electronically.

Your e-signature service

Improve your workflows with Frama RSign. E-Signatures made simple and secure. RSign has been developed to help you simplify and digitise your document workflows.

Easy to Sign

Frama RSign‘s signing process is Child‘s play. The provided checklist guides the signer through the process, step by step, field by field. This reduces mistakes and incomplete documents, optimises the signers experience and saves you administrative costs.

  • Guided signing via checklist
  • Signatures with three styles: typed, handwritten or uploaded signatures
  • Document workflow with automatic reminders
  • Digital signatures for document integrity (sealing)

Configure and Manage

Frama RSign offers you the highest flexibility in your processes and workflows around the electronic signature due to

its multitude of options and settings. Receive latest information about your documents via the built-in dashboard or the „Manage“ tab, where all documents are monitored.

  • Rights management
  • Roles and authorisations
  • Release management

Create and re-use Templates

Create templates for your frequently used documents. Add roles, terms and conditions, cover texts, document fields and much more to create a document dedicated workflow. Templates can be used again and again.

  • Templates with associated workflows
  • Document settings, roles and timeframes
  • Shared templates with teams or individuals
  • Team or person only templates
  • Formats: Word / Excel / Powerpoint / png / PDF

Document Management

Use the integrated tracking and reporting feature of RSign to stay ahead. Know exactly what is happening with your documents. Be aware when documents time out. Receive real-time information when signers sign or refuse to sign.

  • Document tracking
  • Signature protocols
  • Team and user settings / rights management

API and Automation

Frama RSign combines simplicity, security and user experience in a unique way to help you to master your digital business!  

Each feature and element of your documents can be fully automated with RSign‘s APIs giving you an all-in-one solution for your workflow requirements

Workflow Management

Design your Workflow

With clear focus on simplicity, Frama RSign lets you prepare and send documents for electronic signature within seconds. The management view provides real time access to all statistics and provides in-views about your documents during signature process.

  • Prepare documents with drag & drop
  • Use templates
  • Protect personal or confidential information via passwords and encryption
  • Obtain multi-party signatures
  • Define signature sequence
  • More options available

Setup & Management

Configure Frama RSign according to your needs and requirements. Manage and monitor all settings and workflows by your in-house specialists.

  • Setup and configuration
  • Integration into existing processes and applications
  • Rights management
  • Roles and authorisations
  • Release management
  • Online portal for user administration

Advanced Functionality

With Frama RSign, you can benefit from advanced functionality. Templates let you combine documents with pre-defined workflows for frequent use. Rules provide even more flexibility as you can assign

a specific workflow (the rule) to any document. Perfect for CRM systems with dynamic document output!

Form Field Tags allow you to embed tags in your documents during the creation process. It doesn‘t matter, whether the documents have 2, 5 or even 10 pages. Signable fields flow with the length of the text and stay in context!

Static Links can be used to offer signable documents via web-sites. Signers may attach pictures etc. Ideal for insurances or similar business!

Meet Standards

All you need: Auditable proof of the whole e-sign process. Frama RSign complies with GDPR, eIDAS for advanced electronic signatures and other international regulatory standards and data protection acts.


Number of Recipients

Maximum number of combined To/Cc/ Prefill recipients per envelope: 25

File Types/Extension

.pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx,

.bmp, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff,

.htm, .html, .txt

Document Number and Size Sender Envelope

  • Maximum individual file size: 25 MB
  • Maximum cumulative envelope size: 25 MB
  • Maximum number of files attached for sending: 10

Document Number and Size Signer Uploads

  • Maximum number of files attached while signing: 10
  • Maximum cumulative attachment size for signer: 15 MB
  • Signer uploaded files are sent to sender only

Drive Locations

  • Local drive
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive
  • Dropbox

Responsive Web Design

  • Application Responsive to iPad/tablet
  • Signing Page responsive to mobile

Maximum Number of Pages

There is no validation set for number of pages, only file size (see Document Number and Size)

Document Protection

  • End-to-End: Auto-generated Access Code length: 10-character alpha- numeric
  • Required to open signed: Auto generated Access Code length:

10-character alpha-numeric password Auto generated access codes are automatically assigned if the password field is left blank.

User Session Time

  • Length of time user remains logged in: 30 minutes
  • At 25 minutes of idle time, the system displayed a popup message with two options:
    • Keep me signed in
    • Log me out
  • At 30 minutes of idle time the user is automatically logged out and redirected to the login page
  • Single Sign on supported for Azure AD and Google Auth.

Other Limitations

  • Password protected .pdf files are not permitted to be uploaded
  • Files with duplicate names not permitted inside the same envelope

Browsers supported

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mac Safari
  • Microsoft Edge