RMail – Bezpieczny email

RMAIL – The fastest and the easiest solution for the secure email communication in companies.

Comprehensive protection of your sensitive and personal data thanks to state-of-the-art encryption technology – legally compliant, proofable, auditable and data protection-compliant

Especially when dealing with sensitive and personal data – whether internal or external – it is important that companies comply with modern data protection laws such as DSGVO, NDSG or HIPAA and protect their B2C and B2B communication accordingly. Especially in digital business communication, security is of great importance, because over 90% of all cyber attacks start with an email. Protect your company, your employees, partners and customers from threats from the web and send confidential information such as personal data, business secrets, bank details, etc. encrypted and, above all, in compliance with data protection laws.

However, RMail can do much more: In addition to tools for comprehensive email securityemail track and traceencrypted email and electronic signature, RMail offers innovative additional functions – such as LargeMail (sending large files up to 1 GB), one-time text function, automatic PDF conversion and much more. – for more efficiency and security in your daily e-mail communication.

RMail highlights at a glance

  • One-Click-Encryption: email encryption with just one click, no complicated key exchange, central rule management by IT service (optional)
  • Registered Receipt®: Proof of delivery with compliance record, tamper-proof and auditable
  • Cyber-Security: Active Tracking and Anti-Whaling to protect your employees from cyber crime and phishing attacks
  • RMail Recommends™: Automated recommendations for action to comply with data protection guidelines, based on filter rules
  • RMail Security Gateway Harmony™: Automated compliance, encryption level with proof of delivery, data protection compliant and audit-proof

How RMail protects you?

More than 100 billion business emails are being sent, most of them without any making the content and attachments visible for anybody. Employees sending personal data, such as gender, religion, ethnicity etc. to third parties exposing such confidential information for potential misuse without consent of the person concerned.

Although laws and regulations related to data protection have been put in force, many companies only protect the data locally stored and don’t do anything for the electronic data transfer. The RMail package provides solutions and protects both the user and the recipient from unlawful data exchange.

RMail is an add-in for email programs that adds an auditable proof of content, time and delivery and lets you encrypt messages and attachments and send them according to current security standards (GDPR).

With every email you send, you receive a Registered ReceiptTM, which is an auditable proof of compliance to prove who knew what, when, and how it was transmitted at all times.

RMail offers a wide range of benefits to any company. It creates a perfect balance between usability and security. The acceptance by employees and email recipients is high thanks to the easy handling within existing workflows. Keep your email address and software just as it is. Regular email goes hand in hand with RMail‘s premium features.
RMail has a wide range of additional functions that further increase efficiency and effectiveness in everyday working life. Even signing documents and creating a 100% digital e-sign workflow, sending large files up to 1GB: RMail fits perfectly to your company‘s needs.

Best of all, you comply with the latest regulations and your email recipients don‘t have to install or download anything from a third party platform.

It‘s as simple as it sounds, try it out!

Feature Overview

Registered The Registered Receipt provides all of the information required to prove who sent what, when, how and to whom; content, time and date stamp, delivery and open time, encryption and server log files of the email sent.

Encryption RMail features forced Auto-TLS one-click- encryption that is easy-to-use for both sender and recipient. Auto-TLS detects all possible secure methods of transmission and automatically uses the best option in each case. RMail encrypted email can be received by any email client.

E-Sign With E-Sign it is possible to collect electronic signatures in the easiest way. The options allow you to choose different signing methods. Recipients do not need to register or download any software to reply.

LargeMail The LargeMail feature allows you to send files up to 1GB directly from your email program. All files can be downloaded by the recipient and are securely deleted within 14 days as standard

Compliance with GDPR In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the most important change in data protection in the European Union, came into force. The new regulation significantly strengthens data protection and the rights for individuals within the EU and the UK. The aim is to give citizens control over their personal data. This also addresses data management and processing and has considerable consequences for companies. RMail Services are fully compliant to EU and UK GDPR article 5, paragraph 1f & 2 and article 32, paragraph 1a and give you maximum security when sending personal data.

How it works?

  • The recipient gets the opportunity to reply securely to encrypted emails without any registration or download


Server Location

  • Frankfurt am Main in Germany

Compliant with following standards

  • GDPR – EU General Data Protection Regulation
    • BDSG – Bundesdatenschutzgesetz
    • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and
    • Accountability Act
    • FSA – Financial Services Authority
    • GLB – Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
    • SOX – Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    • CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Maximum Number of Recipients per Send

  • 100 recipients per send (bulk sending available)

Registered Email „Unit“

  • Email Sent: One recipient per message per 5 MB
    • Email Reply: One recipient per message (E-Sign Reply, Register Reply and SecureReply) per 5 MB

Maximum Email and Attachment Size

  • Track & Prove: 25 MB
    • Encryption: 25 MB
    • E-Sign: 10 MB (5 MB for .csv and .xls file types)
    • LargeMail: 1 GB

Default Document Storage Times

  • Hand Sign: 30 days (range of 7-90 days, as set by user within their app if the setting is available, or by administrator) from when the message was received by the RMail system for processing or until signoff has been completed by all parties
    • LargeMail File Transfer: 14 days default (range of 7-90 days, as set by user within their app if the setting is available, or by administrator)
    • Email Archive: There is no message, document or Registered Receipt email storage for other services and features, unless archive services are separately purchased

Registered Receipt Delivery Times

  • Registered Receipt: Generated and returned to the sender or routed address within two hours from when the message was received by the RMail system for processing
 Applications Available RMail for Office 365RMail for Outlook 2013/2016RMail for Gmail (Chrome) More information on go.frama.com/rmail-en  

Open Tracking: After Registered Receipt email generation, tracking continues for up to 30 days from the time the original message was received by the RMail system for processing

  • Registered Reply: Tracking reply association continues for up to 30 days from time the original message was received by the RMail system for processing

Registered Receipt File Size

  • Standard Delivery: The Registered Receipt email is sent by standard email when the size is under 10 MB
    • LargeMail Delivery: The Registered Receipt email is sent by the LargeMail File Transfer service when the size exceeds 10 MB

Receipt Verifications

  • Users may request up to 5 verifications per Registered Receipt email or per email with Digital Seal™ protection
    • Frama reserves the right to charge for additional verifications if the entity requesting verification is not a fee-paying Frama customer
    • Authentication for Registered Receipt email is valid for 10 years from the original time inducted for processing unless otherwise arranged with Frama

Encryption Service

  • Encryption is based on PDF wrapper encrypted with

AES 256 bit salted

  • Auto-TLS available (recommended) with password fallback
    • Several password options available
      • Password email
      • Customer specific password
      • Password retrieval
    • Filter mode available upon request

File Types Allowed for Hand Sign

  • Microsoft Office: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx
    • Text: .txt, .xml
    • CSV: .csv
    • TIFF: .tif, .tiff
    • PDF: .pdf
    • Image: .png, .gif, .bmp, .jpeg


  • Maximum Message Character Length: 512

characters including spaces

  • SideNote content is not recorded within the

Registered Receipt email, sent item or usage reports

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